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Merchant Bios

Bob's Market

Shop at Bob’s Market! We have Michigan-grown fruits and vegetables!

Dublin Jerky

Dublin Jerky - Over 60 varieties of jerky to choose from and heat & eat brats available all the time… someone pinch you, because you’re in jerky-lovers heaven!

For Crepe Sake

Crepes, salads, soups, coffee, gluten-free and vegan options

Hills Home-Cured Cheese

Find cheeses from around the world in one convenient place!

Iorio's Gelateria

We'll miss you, Iorio's! Best of luck to you with your new East Lansing store!

L and J Sales | Bella Soaps and Lotions

Scented lotions and soaps! Plus essential oils and JR Watkins products!

MaMa C's

Good old fashioned eats, with Michigan-made products and daily combo specials.

Red's Smokehouse

Red's is BBQ with twists in the most delightful of ways!

Waterfront Bar & Grill

Full service food and beverage restaurant