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Merchant Bios

Bob's Market

Shop at Bob’s Market! We have Michigan-grown fruits and vegetables!

For Crepe Sake

Crepes, salads, soups, coffee, gluten-free and vegan options

Hills Home-Cured Cheese

Find cheeses from around the world in one convenient place!

Iorio's Gelateria

We'll miss you, Iorio's! Best of luck to you with your new East Lansing store!

Krystal's Kountry Kitchen (Saturdays only)

Krystal's Kountry Kitchen offers specialty breads, yeast breads, pies, cakes, cookies, fudge, and jams.

L and J Sales | Bella Soaps and Lotions

Scented lotions and soaps! Plus essential oils and JR Watkins products!

MaMa C's

Good old fashioned eats, with Michigan-made products and daily combo specials.

Red's Smokehouse

Red's is BBQ with twists in the most delightful of ways!

Waterfront Bar & Grill

Full service food and beverage restaurant