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Waterfront Bar & Grille

Sunday Brunch 10 am - 2pm (every Sunday)


Beekeeping Basics!

Mike Risk is currently the President of the Center of Michigan Beekeepers Club (COMB) and has been a hobbyist and sideline beekeeper for 32 years. Mike's interest in beekeeping began when he discovered bees in the walls of a farmhouse he bought in Eaton County all those years ago. These days he concentrates his efforts on making honey and raising queens which are acclimated to the Michigan climate and disease resistant to today's pests and maladies plaguing honey bees.

Mike speaks and teaches at various venues about beekeeping and the plight of the honey bee. His favorite engagements are at his grandchildren's classes here he takes his observation hive and talks to the children about the value of honey bees as pollinators.

Mike and his wife, Sidney, live on a small farm near Lainsburg, MI where they have large gardens, fruit trees and chickens, raise bees, sell honey and manage around 100 hives.

Join us on July 26th from 1-3pm as Mike Risk, experienced beekeeper and President of the Center of Michigan Beekeepers; discusses beekeeping, its history and the obstacles that beekeepers now face.  For more information, please visit Rick’s Apirary and Honey House.


Silver Bells in the City

Join us at the market for our 30th anniversary of Silver Bells in the City November 21! 


Live Music At The Barn!

Every Saturday at 11am
The Market presents a FREE live musical performance every Saturday starting at 11am.
June 7: Elvin Boyd
June 14: Taylor Taylor
June 21: Sweet Friends in Music (10-2) & My Mind is Electric (2:30-5)
June 28: Charles Meyers

Interested in performing at the Market? Please contact our intern Nicole by calling: (517) 483-7460 OR We are currently booking music for July and the rest of 2014.


Family Education Days (F.E.D.)

FREE program every Thursday for families with kids at 4:00pm!!!
Upcoming F.E.D. Dates & Topics

July 3: Perky Peppers- Sweet, spicy, green, orange, red; which peppers do you particularly prefer?

July 10: Tons of Tomatoes - Come and find out what tomatoes really have to offer while enjoying a tomato and corn saute.

July 17: Come Elope with Canteloupe- Start your day off right with some nutrient dense melon! Do not miss out on the delicious watermelon and canteloupe puree!

July 24: Ballistic for Basil- Have a blast with this food that is more than just an herb.

July 31: Dive Deep into the Dirt- Did you know potatoes are the #1 vegetable crop in America?! You won't want to miss out on these cheesy broccoli potato skins.