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Call for Artists: Grand Art Market

We are currently accepting applications for our 4th Annual Grand Art Market.

This year's Grand Art Market will run 5 times throughout the Summer; June 8 (12-4pm), July 13 (12-4pm), August 16 (9am-5pm) & 17(12-4pm) and September 14 (12-4pm). Artists may elect to participate in one GAM or all five.

For more information and to apply to the GAM, please click here. The deadline for applications is May 1, 2014.

Family Education Days (F.E.D.)

FREE program every Thursday for families with young kids at 11:00am and 4:00pm!!!
Upcoming F.E.D. Dates & Topics

April 24: Earthy Herbs - Experimenting with different herbs is always a fun way to create new recipes.

May 1: Beneficial Beans - Learn some great recipes to get some beneficial beans into your little ones mouth and play color game with us to explore the market.

May 8: Be Your Berry Best - Help us mix up a salad to make Mom go "Wow" for mother's day and play mother's day themed games with us.

May 15: Appetizing Asparagus - Come stand tall with is like stalks of Asparagus as we sing a song all about different parts of a plant.

May 22: Radiating Radishes - Make radishes the shining star and favorite dish to eat with our glazed radish recipe.

May 29: Rockin' Rhubarb Recipes - Don't know what rhubarb is or much less how to eat it in a healthy way. Discover what this stem has to offer and if your memory is in ship shop shape.


Today's Special Program: Add a TSP of knowledge to your life!

FREE program every Tuesday, September at 5:00pm!!!!

Today’s Special Program (TSP) is a program at the Market which is geared towards adults. Each week we feature a different nutrition and wellness topic helping participants “Add a tsp of knowledge” to their lives. Subjects such as how to cook for a low sodium diet, portion sizes, mindful eating, and more will be discussed and accompanied with a food demo and delicious sampling.

Upcoming TSP Dates & Topics

April 22: Earthy Herbs - Experimenting with different herbs can make boring dishes unique!

April 29: Make Beans the Base of your Meal - It can be convient to keep beans on hand and get a filling meal that's great for your palate, health, and wallet!

May 6: Achieve the benefits of Asparagus - There is more than meets the eye with asparagus. Not just meant to take the side, with our recipe, asparagus can be the highlight of your meal.

May 13: Become Ravishing with Radishes - Radishes aren't for everyone raw, but glazed radishes can liven this root vegetable up after you take it home.

May 20: Rake in Rhubarb- Wondering what you should do with that extra rhubarb after making a pie. We have the trick with this week's TSP recipe being a rhubarb salsa.

May 27: Strive with Strawberries- Most people can't turn down a strawberry, but it can be difficult to make sure you use them all up before they go bad. Discover a new way bring strawberries onto you plate and out of your fridge.


Live Music At The Barn!

Every Saturday at 11am
The Market presents a FREE live musical performance every Saturday starting at 11am.
4/26: Matt LoRusso
5/3: Ervin Boyd
5/10: Deacon Earl
5/17: Taylor Taylor
5/24: Taylor Taylor
5/31: My Mind is Electric

Interested in performing at the Market? Please contact our intern Jacqueline by calling: (517) 483-7460 OR We are currently booking music for July and the rest of 2014!